Chief EXECUTIVE Officer

"Get it done right and get it done fast."

Why Clients Love Ali
Clients trust Ali to run their campaigns with maximum efficiency, they know his main concern is making them more money by any means. Simply said, he gets Clients results they desire by knowing the latest techniques in web development, search engine optimization, and branding.


Lets skip the fancy awards and school honors... Ali is recognized by his peers, colleagues, and clients to be one of the top Internet Marketers in the business. The respect and recognition has been earned through many years of working on anything and everything related to Internet Marketing.

None that stuck.

Ali's not all work
Today Ali's fun activities revolve around his family - with 2 kids, "hide & seek" and "peek a boo" are his favorite pastimes. In addition, Ali enjoys staying active, hanging with friends, and eating out.

Interesting Infinite Experience:

The one that stands out was when Ali closed a deal wearing all gym gear on his way out the office one day... this made him realize that prospects care about your knowledge & experience more than anything; not fancy presentations, suits & ties, and a bunch of fluff.

Favorite Office Saying:
"Mark this project complete!"