"The good things we build overtime, end up building us"

Why Clients Love Leslie
Leslie genuinely becomes involved with each of the projects she joins. Not only will she set a specific time to discuss vision, long-term goals and specifics with clients but she is always willing to make the extra effort to perfect each of her projects.


Member of the AIGA Design Association in Los Angeles and The American Marketing Association, she is always the one to go to for the latest marketing strategies and design trends.


Leslie's not all work
When Leslie isn't glued to Photoshop or Illustrator, she's spending time with her pets or volunteering at professional conferences, events and shows.

Interesting Infinite Experience:

Coming from a creative background, the quality of the work is usually the priority and efficiency comes second. But since working with the team at Infinite, she has produced quality work all while being quick & efficient. Her turnaround times have improved so much, she can’t understand how she functioned before Infinite. She now likes to brag and compare with her designer friends the quality and time spent on each of her projects.

Favorite Office Saying:
"Are we ready to start?"