Chief Marketing Officer

"The more I learn, the more I can teach."

Why Clients Love Parham
His commitment to understanding client's needs and working diligently to help them develop an engaging brand and leverage marketing platforms to expose their brands.


The San Fernando Valley Business Journal recognized Parham as being one of the Top 20 business leaders in Their 20s in 2011, and dubbed him a "Networking Master".

Parham Nabatian and Infinite Communications Featured in The Business Journal For Its Style

Parham Nabatian Discusses Branding on Business Rockstars


Parham's not all work
Challenging workouts are a passion, eating at restaurants highly rated on Yelp and watching Sports as if he was coaching his favorite team.

Interesting Infinite Experience:

The first time we were invited to speak in front of an audience, we thought it would be a small class at CSUN, but instead we walked in to see an auditorium of 150 students. The nerves calmed after that first laugh and now I can comfortably speak to anyone because of my passion to inspire and provide knowledge to groups, classes, and organizations.

Favorite Office Saying:
"Exactly." or "My Frienddd!"