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Are you paying for SEO or considering it? Here’s what you should know.

Considering or Paying for SEO

If the answer is YES – do you even know what you are paying for?

You would be surprised to know that so many business owners & marketing execs are paying (or have previously paid) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, but don’t have a clue where their money is going.

Here are some common questions that businesses paying for SEO should be able to answer, but cannot:

  • Do you have Google analytics installed so you can monitor your website traffic?
  • Were any goals established prior to starting your SEO campaign?
  • Can you name the last 3 things your SEO company has done to your website?
  • Do you get monthly reports showing you what was done and the performance of SEO efforts – (or do you get a report with a bunch of things you don’t understand that you never look at)?
  • Are you receiving & tracking phone calls and web form submissions from your website?

If you can’t answer these questions, that’s a big red flag. You are probably wasting your money.

Transparency is a major factor you should be looking for when working with an SEO or Internet Marketing company. There really aren’t any “industry secrets” or “proprietary tools” when it comes to SEO. It boils down to hard work and being skilled in the craft. A good SEO company will educate you on every level and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for, as well as what types of results to expect and how soon.

SEO Takes Hard Work

At Infinite Communications, we have nothing to hide when it comes to SEO – unlike many companies that just oversell SEO, don’t deliver, and lose the client – we start the education before the deal closes. Contrary to what some SEO companies believe, over-educating the business owner does not make them leave us to do it themselves. Rather it establishes trust and reflects our knowledge.

This approach has worked for us since 2008 when we started with our first dental practice’s SEO, which is still going strong today. That same dental practice has grown into 10 locations since we started our marketing program and continues to show growth.

If you are paying for SEO, ask yourself “Do I know what I’m paying for?” and if you can’t answer that, give us a call at 818-990-9843 or request your free consultation.


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