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Increase The Value of Your Business By Building A Successful Brand

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A father and son both own cabinet installation companies, the son’s business is thriving while the father’s is struggling, what is the difference? Why is the son’s business working with larger corporate clients and earning greater profits?

One significant difference is that the son invested in branding his company while his father never did. When we talk about branding, we are not talking about just a logo, we are referring to the set of tools used to market a business and the experiences your customers have with your business. It is the perception you want people to have about your business.

Using visual and verbal consistency to promote your brand is a great first step. Building a brand is not about short-term results but about long-term results, it takes vision and dedication. And yes, every small business can accomplish this, here are the ways we worked with our client Cheyenne Dental Group to build a successful brand:

Branding, Infinite Communications, Branding case study, Cheyenne Dental Group

1. Defining the business and how we want to be perceived

Cheyenne Dental Group was started by Dr. My G. Tran, DDS, a dentist younger than most of his peers. He wanted to emphasize that his office incorporates the latest technology that is more advanced than surrounding competitors. However, unlike other state-of-the-art practices, Cheyenne Dental Group is affordable for most patients.

2. Determining the audience

Cheyenne Dental Group’s focus was to penetrate the Las Vegas community, a community that is saturated with dental practices, so we focused on a target audience – younger families and young couples. Research showed that the female in the family generally makes healthcare decisions; and the brand identity was developed to connect with the female audience. Dr. Tran wanted his patients to feel comfortable that his practice can provide comprehensive care for every family member.

Branding case study, infinite communications, cheyenne dental group, branding

3. Telling our story, one that people will remember

The visual illustration we developed of a young couple dancing on grass and a smiling cloud, exclaiming “When you smile…The world smiles back.” is an advertisement that the community has associated with Cheyenne Dental Group over the past 3 years. The ad was meant to signify that having a healthy and beautiful smile makes a positive impact. Along with the illustration we included a coupon that provides a financial incentive for people to experience care at Cheyenne Dental Group. In this ad, we were able to accomplish two things, show that Cheyenne cares about the health of a person’s smile and provides it at an affordable rate.

4. Consistency and details matter

Cheyenne’s colors, logo, and curved styling are all a part of their visual identity system used on all marketing collateral to maintain a consistent brand identity. The curves in the design are supposed to portray friendliness and engage the female audience, while the metallic shine on the logo communicate the cleanliness of the office.

We used these design elements and messages on all of the practice’s print collateral, web design and email marketing. Patients began to quickly identify what the logo, pictures and colors represented.

5. Follow-through with the customer experience

The perception you build with the branding design and messaging has to align with the reality of your service. Nike and Apple do a great job bringing the brands to life, when you walk into those company stores there is a specific experience they provide.

Again, Branding is not as simple as a logo, or consistent designs, it is a holistic approach of how you portray your business and follow through. Cheyenne Dental Group has been very successful with its brand; it makes a promise through visual and verbal consistency and keeps the promise with the patient experience.

Cheyenne Dental Group is a lot like Apple and Nike, it promises to provide “the premier dental experience”, and it follows through; from the friendliness of the front desk, to the flat screen televisions, and digital x-ray machines they use for exams.


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Website Design Tips – Strengthening Your Core!

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If you have spoken to a personal trainer or read about fitness, you’ve learned about the importance of your core muscles. Strengthen your core muscles, and you will inevitably strengthen your body’s other muscles. Your website should be viewed as the Core of your online marketing, ensuring its strength, will strengthen the rest of your marketing.

While there is a new popular social media platform or online marketing tool every couple months, your website remains the most valuable asset because of the control you maintain. If optimized, your website is typically one of the top results when someone Google’s your business, so placing your focus here before signing up for that new social media site should be your priority.

Here are 6 approaches you should take:

1. Have a clear and easy-to-see headline that tells people the purpose of your business. Don’t assume that people know what your company does. Using large fonts for headlines that attract attention and descriptive call-to-actions will enhance the user experience.

2. If you’re directly selling a product or service, you should explain why they need to buy and the advantages of your product in a bullet point format.

3. Give to get, if you want to get email addresses for your email marketing or attract more Facebook likes, give something away. For example, a dentist can mail a free toothbrush to people in a 5-mile radius if they join his/her email list.

4. Organization matters, treat each web page with a purpose by driving your visitor with one key message on each page.

5. Make the fonts and messaging on your website legible to all audiences. Contrary to what people believe, older people do read websites, and size 12, light grey fonts may not be legible for them.

6. Use contrasting color/shapes to make certain links and messages stand out.

Infinite Communications specializes in creating web sites and marketing material that are impressive, easy to understand and intriguing. If your business can benefit from our design expertise, call us at 818.990.9843.

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Biz Book Review: Good To Great by Jim Collins

Good to Great, Infinite Communicaitons, Book review, jim collins

The Book:
Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap..and Other’s Don’t, by Jim Collins

The Big Idea:
Good is the enemy of Great. In order to become a great company stop relentlessly focusing on what to do, and instead starting focusing on what NOT to do.

If You Read Nothing Else:
In chapter 5, Collins speaks about “The Hedgehog Concept.” The idea is that the strategy of your entire company should be based upon the intersection of the following three circles: What can you be the best in the world at?; What drives your economic engine?; What are you deeply passionate about?

Rigor Rating: 5
(1=Skip the book, 5=Absolute Must-Read)
Good to Great was actually written after 15,000 hours of work by over 22 people. The book is organized with invaluable information that outlines greatness in such areas as leadership, hiring, and company strategy. If you are a business owner or a manager, be sure to read this instant classic.

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The Art of Using Social Media for Media Coverage

Receiving media coverage is something most small businesses, brands and organizations can benefit from and should consider planning for because it can not only increase your exposure, it can also build your company’s value proposition.

Building a social media following is a first step in your efforts to receiving media placement. Working together with our client, Martin Kent, an Emmy Award winning filmmaker, we were able to get him placed in one of Israel’s largest circulated publications.

One of Martin’s goals was to receive targeted media coverage for Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). In the 4 months prior to our pitch we established a solid social media presence, some of the tactics included:

  • Consistently updating his blog with relevant content (written by him) and optimizing every post with targeted keywords.
  • Creating a branded YouTube page and uploading videos of his prior work, as well as optimizing all his videos to be found for competitive keywords related to his work.
  • Creating a branded Twitter page and building a twitter following.

Because we were able to effectively implement all of these tactics, we were able to garner interest from editors even without a published book or movie ready for production.

Brutal Important Fact!
Editors and journalists jobs are to sell papers and to cover stories that are interesting. When he/she sees that you or your company has built a solid social media following it does two things, 1) shows that you are already interesting, 2) establishes that you can bring your followers to his/her respective publication.

Now, you might say that Martin was an Emmy award winning filmmaker and that his topic was particularly interesting. However, as business owners we can build interest in our community, each business can develop content that engages our prospects, associates and fans. This is how building your social media presence could be your first step to receiving media attention!

Please let us know if you have any questions about how you should approach social media.

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8 Quick Reasons To Consider Video Marketing

There are a lot of reasons a company and organization should consider using video marketing. Great brands tell great stories to capture audiences – the right video content can help position your brand to stand out from the crowd. Here are 8 quick reasons why you should consider video marketing.

1. Get More Exposure
YouTube is currently the 2nd most popular search engine behind Google (note: it is also owned by Google).

By producing videos based on a variety of topics you can improve your chances of receiving attention. You can multiply this traffic by uploading your video to other video sharing sites such as:

Yahoo! Video
Google Video
And many more….

2. Motion Picture Appeal
Not all of your visitors prefer to receive content they have to read. Many prefer to watch, listen and read at the same time. With video you improve your opportunity to appeal to more people. For example, people would rather watch a product demo than read a product demo.

3. Gain Top Search Engine Rankings
Google is now using what is called “Universal Search Results” giving searchers a mixed result of websites, videos and other media. Currently, not many small businesses are using videos to help rank for competitive keywords. If you add videos to your marketing mix you could achieve top rankings in your niche.

If you enter “how to drive a car” in the Google search box some of the top search results are videos.

4. Viral Marketing
Developing a strategy to create a valuable or entertaining video that your fans/followers love and want to share could lead to mass exposure and more fans/followers. Web users have many ways to share videos with friends on Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the plethora of social book-marking/sharing websites.

5. Inexpensive
Nowadays most computers come with free software that can help you import, edit, convert and upload videos to video sharing web sites. In addition, inexpensive camera phones, and flip cameras (Flip Mino HD) have the ability to capture quality footage.

6. Become Recognized As An Expert
If you work hard at your craft and want to convey your expertise, video is a great communication channel to do so. This can be a great opportunity for you to become recognized as an authority in your field. Once again, you can use a basic video camera for this.

7. People Buy From Businesses They Trust
The Internet is often seen as an impersonal place where it’s hard to trust anybody because site owners don’t provide any contact information and online scams are common. A video offers your visitors a very personal touch that helps remove the fear of doing business with you.

8. Makes Your Website More Engaging
Web visitors skim through websites more than ever. Video gives you one more opportunity to capture your visitor’s attention, thus increasing the amount of time the visitor will spend learning about your business.

If you have any questions about developing and producing successful video marketing, please contact us: info@infinitecomm.net or 818.990.9843.

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