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InfiniteComm-WellDesignedBlogs_1The phrase “well designed” can have a different meaning to each person. So we won’t get into colors, icons, themes, etc. A well designed blog will be defined as one that attracts visitors and search engines. Most blogs are built on a platform that is search engine friendly, so we will focus on a design that is “visitor friendly”:


If you have a branded website, make sure your blog maintains brand equity and identity.

When choosing a theme, keep the growth of your blog in mind. Choose a template with the appropriate number of columns and width best suited for what you want to do. If your blog is business related, ensure that your call to action is easy to locate.

Keep your blog layout clean and navigation easy. The average online user has a short attention span and does not like to be overwhelmed when visiting a website or blog.

If you have ads, keep them neatly organized and make it easy for the user to know they are ads. Many blogs and websites have ads right above the article or blog entry, this can confuse the user.

Many of the major blog providers have a nice selection of blog themes you can make your own. There are many Web 2.0 blog designs to choose from, these will give your blog a modern look.

Depending on what your blog is about, you may also want to stick to the simplest blog design just to get your message across. Many writers use plain themes to highlight their writing styles.

Do something creative with your header. The header is usually the first thing the visitor sees. Many blogs provide the ability to choose a template and then upload your own custom header.

Create an easy way for the user to go through previous entries on your blog, this is why blogs have archives.


Don’t make your blog overwhelming. Again, don’t over do it with links. When there are too many links, your user does not know where to start.

Don’t place ads everywhere you see a blank space. Ads create revenue, but they also turn users away. If you have to place ads, do it wisely.

Don’t over do it with widgets, plug-ins, and add-ons. Just because they look cool, they may not be suited for your blog.

Don’t turn off comments. What’s the point of a blog if readers cannot participate, you might as well just have a website. You should moderate them or choose to only allow comments from users that have certain accounts.

Don’t just start a blog because everybody is talking about them. There are too many blogs that were created in the heat of the moment and never got passed the initial profile completion.

If your blog is business related, don’t try to “sell” your reader at every opportunity.

A well designed blog is one that limits all the things that annoy the majority of internet users. What annoys you when you visit a website or blog?

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The Power of an Optimized Blog

The power of an optimized blog: how it can increase your exposure on the web.

A well-optimized blog is a powerful blog. You can write about the most interesting topic in the world but what’s the point if nobody can find it. Similar to a website, a blog has to be optimized for it to be easily found. Unless you have a big budget for direct marketing, getting potential clients to find you through search is the way to go. More and more businesses are moving their marketing efforts online – don’t get left behind. Using a blog is an inexpensive method of online marketing and a great way to constantly provide the latest information about your services, insider knowledge,  and product/service education.

Successful blogs create brand awareness, increase web exposure, and bring out a personality behind your business. A blog does take time to create and maintain, and posting often is vital. Keep your brand in mind by maintaining a clean and professional looking blog . You have probably seen blogs with too many links, and ads, that make it hard to find relevant content. Stay away from this – overwhelming your reader can be disastrous.

Enhancing your blog for search engines

• Blogs are built on a platform that makes it easy for search engines to find. Optimizing your blog for greater search engine visibility and providing useful content are two vital approaches to a successful blog. This takes expertise and being up-to date with new optimization methods.

• Find your niche and stick to it. Base your content about your company/industry and what your prospects want to learn. Avoid creating a blog strictly for SEO to get a few more links to your main site. That method doesn’t go as far as it used to, it will just get lost in the blogosphere and never show it’s true value.

• Keep keywords in mind, these keywords should be related to your entry’s topic. Try not to be too broad or general with the keywords you use. However use keywords that you would like users to find your blog through an online search. Keep them specific but not long.

• Use the main keywords in the tag field, don’t over do it with the tags.

• Use keyword rich titles while still making sense.

• Use links with anchor text throughout the body of your post. Again don’t over do it, if it makes sense create a link and use a keyword as the link rather than something like “click here”. Here is an example – New Media Marketing

• Categorize your postings appropriately by keeping your targeted keywords in mind and not filing your entry in too many categories.


Many businesses and organizations don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to create and maintain a successful blog. That’s where Internet Marketers can provide expertise to maximize the results of a blog. Our firm’s blog is the perfect example of a properly optimized blog receiving powerful results. Look at this Google result, a week after we posted our first blog entry…

If you need explanations or further details about setting up a powerful blog call us @ 818.990.9843 or click here if you are interested in Blog Creation Services.

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Communicate Your Company Message Successfully

A marketing piece extends beyond an advertisement or a brochure, an email to an associate is just as important as a sales letter.

Below are some vital tips that will help your marketing outreach, whether you are writing an email or copy for a one-page advertisement/sales letter.

Look through your customer’s eyes. Listen through their ears.
Does your message convey the information they want or are searching for? Does it initiate them to take action? Do you clearly answer the questions that they are asking?Copywriter

Keep cutting! Don’t stop. Keep cutting!
I’m sure you’ve heard the acronym KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Do not complicate. Shorten your sentences and avoid complex language. People are busy and they will not have time to read poorly phrased sentences that include extra words. Simply, keep it simple.

Remember your favorite English teacher.
That means fixing all grammatical errors and avoid using passive voice.

We all work with deadlines and writing clearly can become time-consuming; however, once it becomes a habit, you will save time, increase the impact of your message and gain appreciation from your associates.

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Visuals Tips That Will Increase Your Web Success


What drives success on the web? Often, success is measured by how quickly and effectively you communicate your content to the user. Every aspect of your site – including the content, layout, visual aesthetics, and interactive behavior – can potentially hinder web traffic and more specifically user retention.

Visual communication is perhaps most important on the web as the eyes are the primary sense we use to absorb, understand, and act upon web content.

Tips to Tweak Your Site

Let the content drive the development of your site.

There is a reason why a user comes to your site, to solve a “problem.” You must first define whether they are searching for entertainment, information, transaction or a combination. Once you understand why the user has come to your site, you can utilize your content in an organized manner to solve their problem. In your main navigation area, create 4-7 headings from your most informative and accurate content that will likely provide an answer to the user. Make sure the user can access these headings at all times. Check out Cheyenne Dental Group for a good example.

Use different font types and sizes to differentiate headings and subheadings. A short heading in a slightly bigger or bolder font can clearly communicate the information contained within – creating visual convenience for the user and increasing likelihood of web retention. Don’t go overboard, your site will look unorganized and chaotic. A good example is Shana Insurance – with just two font variations they display a ton of information in an organized manner.

website heatmaps, Infinite Communications, good website design

Heatmaps from user eyetracking studies of three websites. The areas where users looked the most are colored red; the yellow areas indicate fewer views, followed by the least-viewed blue areas.

Where Are You Looking Right Now?

There have been many eye-tracking studies that show the first place a user will look when they land on your page is the top-left corner. Next, they will start scanning down the page, either going back and forth like a “z” shape or just start to scan downwards like a rollercoaster drop. Our theory is that the eyes will start their focus on the left side of the page (just like how we read a book!) and look for the first focal point that can anchor its attention. Try it yourself on a random webpage and see where your eyes go.

The top-left corner is often a good place to display your company logo. If you’re hungry for conversions, then place your call to action (i.e. your 800 number or mailing list form) on the right and “above the fold”. Above the fold refers to the top half of your web page.

Increase Conversions

Conversion stats show that having an image looking directly at your call to action can actually increase conversion rates. The eye will tend to follow where the people in the picture are looking. What happens when you’re out on the street and you see two people looking up in the sky? It is a natural urge, you can’t resist!

Keep your forms sweet and short. Research shows more than 90% of prospects bail out on the average online registration form. It doesn’t take much to reduce such content; it could prove very valuable in kicking up your conversions.

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What is New Media Marketing? And What Are The Benefits?


New Media can simply be summarized as digital technologies – this includes the Internet, mobile phones, mp3 players, & television (digital satellites & cable boxes).

Today’s world wide web has entered a stage called 2.0 – Web 2.0 allows the user to interact, add and subtract to spaces on the web mostly at no cost; thus, creating a virtual community! Just as important are search tools and directories that are becoming more target-oriented and specific; allowing Internet users to find the exact product/service they need.

Social Networking Sites, free video platforms like YouTube.com, and Blogs are the perfect example about how an Internet user can make his or her own imprint on the net for virtually no cost other than time.

How does marketing fit in Web 2.0?

New Media Marketers utilize digital platforms, create new ones, or enhance current ones to sell, promote, and communicate products or services.

Why New Media?

Target marketing has never become so simple…web users search for a product/service and marketers can optimize their website to meet the need of consumer. Marketing will always be about the consumer; find what they want and deliver it to them.

Simply people spend more time on the web… Also, we like to be a part of communities and this new Web 2.0 world gives us the freedom to join the type of community that most interests us. These thriving online communities are the perfect place for marketers to build a two-way relationship with their target audience, allowing the audience to ask questions and make suggestions – neither of which are possible in traditional marketing . For example, people join the Facebook page of their favorite TV show = a mutual beneficial relationship. More relationships mean more business.

Adjustments, Maintenance, & Tracking – Do you ever wonder how Amazon or itunes sends you emails suggesting books or songs that you might like – that’s tracking – a bit scary, no? The Web makes it easier for marketers to track which ads work best, and which ads need enhancements.

New Media marketing dollars bring greater returns with lower costs on the Web! Isn’t that the name of the game?

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