Great First Quarter – Infinite in the News!

2016 has started off great for our firm, we work with all types of brands and businesses but have noticed an influx of manufacturing and industrial companies around Los Angeles calling us to enhance their marketing. It is always exciting to work with companies that make the economy grow.

We’re excited about some of the websites we’ve recently launched.

Pump Engineering  &   QAir

A major distributor and supplier industrial pumps, Pump Engineering hired Infinite Communications for an online marketing overhaul. The campaign included a re-imagined, custom-built website featuring a robust web structure built specifically for Search Engine Optimization. Since it’s re-launch the website has  seen a significant increase in organic search results.

FitCreamer, a brand new coffee creamer hired Infinite Communications to design & develop a custom-built WordPress website. The website includes a full e-commerce shopping platform to allow website visitors to easily make purchases online. Advertising copy that emotionally speaks to the website visitor was created in order to target specific buyers and in an effort to drive a call-to-action. 

Bastiat Partners


In addition, we were honored to be featured in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal for our aesthetic style.

Please click the photo below to read the article.

Parham Nabatian Style


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5 Important Elements Manufacturing & Industrial Businesses Should Communicate On Their Websites

In the 7 years running our marketing firm, the biggest surprise for my colleagues is when they find out the number of industrial and manufacturing clients Infinite has for Search Engine Optimization and Internet marketing services.

I’m often asked… “Wait, you mean companies search online to purchase $20,000 parts?”

or even

“That Fortune 500 Company looked online to buy those shipping products?”

The answer is Yes!

Engineering, industrial and manufacturing companies are extensively using search engines to find suppliers. This means that if you are a distributor or supplier … you are losing revenue opportunities if your website does not successfully communicate your proficiencies.

Manufacturing Website Design

Here are 5 important elements that will help you convert website visitors into revenue opportunities:

#1 Be specific about what you do and industries you serve. I can’t stress this enough… if your website doesn’t clearly explain what your company does, then you will lose business opportunities. Hiring a marketing company or copywriter will solve this problem.

#2 Scientific or case study proof of your capabilities. Working with your sales team, find out the questions that your customers typically ask about your product or service and use those answers to create the appropriate case studies that convert your website visitors.

#3 Actual photography of your facilities and/or products. Give buyers an inside and detailed look at your company. Great photos often times create appeal for your company…for example, one of our clients is a print shop, they have a huge facility and we placed a large photo front and center on the homepage to ensure visitors know right away what size company they are working with.

Manufacturing Website Design

#4 Benefits, Benefits, Benefits. This is marketing 101;  always clearly identify the advantages of hiring your firm over others. Advantages can include years of experience, your progressive approach, awards you’ve won and much more.

#5 Certifications/Associations. In today’s business environment, being a member of an organization or having an appropriate certification is a great way to showcase that you are involved in the community and are a reputable company.

Industrial Marketing Company

Our marketing firm, Infinite Communications, has been working with Manufacturing & Industrial companies for the last 8 years, helping them increase revenue through improved online communications, including: websites, search engine optimization and much more.

Please contact me at or 818.990.9843 to learn about how we can help you.

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Recent Updates on Running my Marketing Firm – Infinite CMO Parham Nabatian

At Infinite Communications, we love to keep ourselves busy with great work and community activity. Running a marketing firm is great because it allows me to implement diverse activities that both benefit me personally and the company. Our team is big on continuing education and we are constantly attending conferences and workshops. Below is recent news about our company, takeaways from a conference and a daily approach I’ve taken that has changed my life.

CIS Los Angeles Students Tour California Pizza Kitchen Headquarters

A special thank you for the generosity of California Pizza Kitchen (CPK)… 6 months ago I had a vision of taking students of Communities in Schools of Los Angeles, on a tour of a really cool company with a great culture because my passion is to help kids from different circumstances DREAM BIG. When I asked our previous client CPK if they would host they said YES right away! Today they took 30+ high school students on a tour of their offices, had 4 of their executives speak about their career paths, gave them gift cards, and fed them delicious food. Even if it’s just one student from that day who starts a company or attains a dream career, I’d be very grateful.

CPK Tour

Significant Takeaway from the iCONIC Conference presented by Inc. Magazine and CNBC

Myself and Infinite VP Kayvan Mott attended the iCONIC conference presented by Inc. Magazine and CNBC in Washington D.C. Kenneth Cole’s story was one my of most profound takeaways.

Read it here: “Gangstas Do What They Want, Suckas Do What They Can”

The Decision I Make Every Morning

Lastly, read about the decision I make every morning and see how it can enhance your life too!

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The reason you need to continue your Internet Marketing efforts is so you don’t lose your leads & traffic to your competitors, especially where competition is tough. If you are in a competitive industry, then maintaining your traffic is imperative because reduced traffic means reduced sales.
Here are some factors to explain why this is an on-going effort:

Why SEO is an On-Going Effort1. On-going review of your Google Analytics:

You need to have a knowledgeable company review your analytics on a monthly basis, what are your monthly results, which pages are doing better, which keywords are people searching to find your site, how many views is the website currently getting and from what sources. Understanding analytics creates a game plan and monthly focus to maintain and increase the bottom-line. In addition, this gives insight on the updates you should make on landing pages and see which pages can convert better.

2. Google wants to see a fresh website (content creation):

Google crawls your website regularly. Without new content added to current pages or new pages created and keywords added in your meta data (meta tags, alt tags, h1 & h2 headers), Google will not see your website as relevant. If you lose 100+ visits a month — that could be 10+ calls per month. Your marketing firm should know your business inside out and optimize these pages to maintain and increase traffic.

3. Google wants to see your website linked consistently with Directories, Social Media and include various media such as YouTube videos & other imagery:

When your site is updated on quality directories and on social media platforms it makes Google see your site as a relevant source – especially if they are getting traffic from those sites. When they see your site gaining attention on different platforms, your website can be placed higher than your competition in the search results. Embedding new videos and other visual media frequently will also show Google that you are keeping the user engaged, which helps you get higher keyword rankings and more traffic.

4. Google algorithm changes:

We get many calls each month with people saying their traffic dropped because of algorithm changes. Google changes their search engine algorithm quite often. If you are not up to date with the items they want, you will see a drop in traffic. We stay up to date with the latest Google trends and changes in order to keep your website current with every change.

5. Reputation management/competition analysis:

Any good online marketing campaign requires monitoring of your reputation of the offices and staying above the competition. We conduct this efficiently and consistently by keeping your brand, and your company’s profile in top-notch shape that helps with creating trust, with the outcome being more leads.

6. Integrated campaign (All-Inclusive):

An Integrated campaign is what results in continuous traffic and growth over the years. Everything combined together generates more traffic to the website, thus generating leads. If you stop working on everything from on-site SEO to off-site marketing you lose the number of times prospects visit your website.

For example, the organic results on Google and YouTube video views combined with validation on Social Media builds trust with visitors and local communities. The greater the trust your site can build, the increased opportunity for calls and form leads.

To generate the new projected number of leads, an overall combined effort is required. A multi-pronged approach allows many of these tactics to work together and supplement each other for the ultimate goal of generating mass leads.


Aim to Score Big – Identifying Target Audience & Demographics


If you were selling footballs, would you target the majority of your marketing to women? Probably not.

While consulting for the Valley Economic Development Corporation, I would find many businesses making the mistake of not targeting their audience properly, thus wasting a lot of money on marketing and even worse, creating a product that did not meet the needs of its target audience.

Whether you are creating a product, launching a new service or revitalizing your company’s marketing, you need to be laser focused on your audience in order to compel them to make a purchase.

Know Your Buyer & Their Preferences

Know who buys what! The millennial generation (people born in early 80s until 2000s) makes purchases based on different aspects than the baby boomer generation (born during and post WWII).

Sample Buying Preferences

Baby Boomers 

  • Focus on Comfort
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • Excellent Service & Accommodations


  • Like Unique Products & Design
  • Socially Responsible
  • Like a Story about Brand

*source: USA Today

If you watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series he has a running joke about “Hipster service” – basically it means that businesses catered to hipster/millennial audience provide slower services. Millennials tend to accept slow service if your product is excellent – they probably took an hour researching you on Yelp :-D.

What Does Your Audience Already Like?

Create a channel to get understand your consumer’s habits:

Target: Female–> Age 40-50 –> Geography –> Income Level –> Preferred Hobbies/Social Activities

For example, the incredibly successful and continuously growing Rustic Canyon restaurant group in Santa Monica has everything from a high-end Italian food restaurant to an ice cream shop and a bakery. Everything they do succeeds because they understand the people living in their target region.
These are some of the characteristics of the restaurant:

  • Products are from the local Farmers Market and all freshly made
  • Cozy/unique design
  • Husband and wife ownership group (family)
  • Right quality
  • Expensive

They worked the consumer behavior channel, showing they understand the local demographic.

Target: Santa Monica –> Affluent Beach Town/Disposable Income –> Body & Health Conscience –> Destination City –> Outgoing & Social Community 

Monitor Your Audience

Whether you are looking to promote your product online or in a respective neighborhood, go and see what your target audience’s channel is: 

  • Sit in the local coffee shop and observe
  • Visit a dozen of the websites they use
  • See how they behave and use social media
  • Check FB groups with similar demographics
  • Browse forums on your market
  • Subscribe to successful blogs and newsletters that your target audience subscribes to

If you have a business running now, you should track important elements such as sales, customer interactions, faqs, and other factors that your business may rely on.

Today’s Internet marketing tools give you many opportunities to connect with your target audience. Your primary goal is to make sales! And to do that it is important to understand the user’s behavior and meet their needs! Provide the value they are looking for and ensure that they can find your product.

The post can also be viewed on our LinkedIn.

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