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Aim to Score Big – Identifying Target Audience & Demographics


If you were selling footballs, would you target the majority of your marketing to women? Probably not.

While consulting for the Valley Economic Development Corporation, I would find many businesses making the mistake of not targeting their audience properly, thus wasting a lot of money on marketing and even worse, creating a product that did not meet the needs of its target audience.

Whether you are creating a product, launching a new service or revitalizing your company’s marketing, you need to be laser focused on your audience in order to compel them to make a purchase.

Know Your Buyer & Their Preferences

Know who buys what! The millennial generation (people born in early 80s until 2000s) makes purchases based on different aspects than the baby boomer generation (born during and post WWII).

Sample Buying Preferences

Baby Boomers 

  • Focus on Comfort
  • Reliability & Consistency
  • Excellent Service & Accommodations


  • Like Unique Products & Design
  • Socially Responsible
  • Like a Story about Brand

*source: USA Today

If you watch Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series he has a running joke about “Hipster service” – basically it means that businesses catered to hipster/millennial audience provide slower services. Millennials tend to accept slow service if your product is excellent – they probably took an hour researching you on Yelp :-D.

What Does Your Audience Already Like?

Create a channel to get understand your consumer’s habits:

Target: Female–> Age 40-50 –> Geography –> Income Level –> Preferred Hobbies/Social Activities

For example, the incredibly successful and continuously growing Rustic Canyon restaurant group in Santa Monica has everything from a high-end Italian food restaurant to an ice cream shop and a bakery. Everything they do succeeds because they understand the people living in their target region.
These are some of the characteristics of the restaurant:

  • Products are from the local Farmers Market and all freshly made
  • Cozy/unique design
  • Husband and wife ownership group (family)
  • Right quality
  • Expensive

They worked the consumer behavior channel, showing they understand the local demographic.

Target: Santa Monica –> Affluent Beach Town/Disposable Income –> Body & Health Conscience –> Destination City –> Outgoing & Social Community 

Monitor Your Audience

Whether you are looking to promote your product online or in a respective neighborhood, go and see what your target audience’s channel is: 

  • Sit in the local coffee shop and observe
  • Visit a dozen of the websites they use
  • See how they behave and use social media
  • Check FB groups with similar demographics
  • Browse forums on your market
  • Subscribe to successful blogs and newsletters that your target audience subscribes to

If you have a business running now, you should track important elements such as sales, customer interactions, faqs, and other factors that your business may rely on.

Today’s Internet marketing tools give you many opportunities to connect with your target audience. Your primary goal is to make sales! And to do that it is important to understand the user’s behavior and meet their needs! Provide the value they are looking for and ensure that they can find your product.

The post can also be viewed on our LinkedIn.

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Are you paying for SEO or considering it? Here’s what you should know.

Considering or Paying for SEO

If the answer is YES – do you even know what you are paying for?

You would be surprised to know that so many business owners & marketing execs are paying (or have previously paid) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, but don’t have a clue where their money is going.

Here are some common questions that businesses paying for SEO should be able to answer, but cannot:

  • Do you have Google analytics installed so you can monitor your website traffic?
  • Were any goals established prior to starting your SEO campaign?
  • Can you name the last 3 things your SEO company has done to your website?
  • Do you get monthly reports showing you what was done and the performance of SEO efforts – (or do you get a report with a bunch of things you don’t understand that you never look at)?
  • Are you receiving & tracking phone calls and web form submissions from your website?

If you can’t answer these questions, that’s a big red flag. You are probably wasting your money.

Transparency is a major factor you should be looking for when working with an SEO or Internet Marketing company. There really aren’t any “industry secrets” or “proprietary tools” when it comes to SEO. It boils down to hard work and being skilled in the craft. A good SEO company will educate you on every level and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for, as well as what types of results to expect and how soon.

SEO Takes Hard Work

At Infinite Communications, we have nothing to hide when it comes to SEO – unlike many companies that just oversell SEO, don’t deliver, and lose the client – we start the education before the deal closes. Contrary to what some SEO companies believe, over-educating the business owner does not make them leave us to do it themselves. Rather it establishes trust and reflects our knowledge.

This approach has worked for us since 2008 when we started with our first dental practice’s SEO, which is still going strong today. That same dental practice has grown into 10 locations since we started our marketing program and continues to show growth.

If you are paying for SEO, ask yourself “Do I know what I’m paying for?” and if you can’t answer that, give us a call at 818-990-9843 or request your free consultation.


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The Formula To Making Your Presentations Excellent! – Part II

Presentation Design

Part II of our “Making Your Presentations Excellent” series. Read Part I here.

Additional Key Elements that Will Make Your Presentation Excellent!

5. Nonverbal Communication is Vital / Your Rhythm & Body Posture
Be mindful of your body posture and the rhythm of your presentation.
How would you like it if you went to a concert and the singer had low energy and was hard to hear?

Think of yourself as a performer – make sure your voice projects well, you make eye contact with your audience, you are speaking with enthusiasm and are heard clearly so the audience feels uplifted by your energy. Enthusiasm and confidence is all conveyed through your body language as opposed to the quality of content. Ensure that both are great!

6. Be Entertaining by Interacting with Your Audience.
Magic Johnson is not only one of the greatest basketball players; he is one of the greatest public speakers I have seen. His content is great but it is also because he interacts with audience members by walking up to them, looking them in the eye, he asks people’s names, addresses individual topics and makes you feel like he cares about each person.

Presentation Strategy

Out of 15 speakers at a conference I attended, he was the only one that walked in the audience. It made a huge impact. Excellent presentations are like a conversation; you are talking with the audience not at the audience.

7. Start the Presentation with a Grabber!
This is meant to grab the audience’s attention and answer the question, “Why should I pay attention or buy?” At Infinite, we recommend that presenters start with a startling statistic, a fact that will shock or catch people’s attention (i.e. more people have access to Wi-Fi than toilets)… that caught your attention. ☺

Or use a success story, such as the one I used at the start of the blog post that presentations are vital to our business success. The “grabber” is meant to captivate the interest of the audience from the outset.

8. Have Fun!
Just like anything else in life, when you have joy in what you are doing, you will be more engaging and improve your chances to sell your product or services.

successful presentation design

And just in case you missed missed it, check out Part I of our “Making Your Presentations Excellent” series.

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The Winning Formula To Making Excellent, Successful Presentations!

Public speaking and giving successful presentations has resulted in more than 40% of our business revenue. Second only to referrals from current clients, great presentations have been our lifeline –they have landed our biggest accounts!

Presentation Design

When I started Infinite Communications, I had zero accounts, no experience working at a bigger firm that I could hang my hat on, and a minimal marketing budget.

But since starting the company, I can say that the most effective ways of getting business opportunities have been through:

• Getting involved in the community
• Offering presentations as often as I could
• Email marketing newsletters

The Key Elements to a Successful Presentation

Presentation Strategy

1. Understand Why Your Audience Is There
This is a must. Do your homework and talk to the people who invited you. Find out who the audience is, why they are attending, what expectations they have and anything else that will guide the content for your presentation.

2. Include a Table of Contents
A table of contents will develop a structure for your presentation, providing your audience a beginning, middle and end. Also, it will create anticipation for the “gems” you are going to provide.

3. Use Text The Right Way
Too much text & small font sizes on your visual deck can compromise your presentation. Remember the audience is there to hear you speak and not read your slides. The slides are there to support you, so your text should be large and sparse on each page. No long paragraphs! To be impactful, they should be focused on you and not your slides.

4. Using Excellent Photos and Graphics
Yes, you might not be a graphic designer but using clip art is a big no no! And those color schemes don’t match. Purchase quality stock photography and icons from a site like istockphotography.com and place them in your presentations. This is a very big deal. This alone can be the difference between an amateur looking presentation and a professional looking one.

successful presentation design

Do you like what you have read so far? Please check out Part II to learn more about “Making Your Presentations Excellent.”

Presentation Testimonials from Professors at UCLA

“Over the last couple of years, I have had both Kayvan and Parham as guest speakers at my Principles of Selling class at UCLA Extension. Their talk on ‘Delivering Powerful Presentations’ always have my students walk away with enthusiasm and excitement with the creative ideas and presentation skills they learn.”
– Mark Stern, UCLA Extension

“Parham speaks to my Internet Marketing course* about Web Design/Development strategies. He has a vast knowledge about creating websites for businesses and brands to increase sales and conversion opportunities. His company has worked on many types of projects and he always showcases the latest and most successful websites for our class. Parham is a very engaging speaker and always makes an impact on my classes. I strongly recommend Parham as an excellent speaker on Web Design/Development and highly recommend Infinite Communications for their superlative abilities for creating effective websites.”
-Karl Kasca, UCLA Extension

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Why Every Business Should Be Running PPC (Pay-per-Click)

Millions of businesses use Google Adwords/Pay-Per-Click campaigns to get found and generate business. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a sponsored ad service offered by Google (and other search engines) and is displayed on search engine results pages and you are charged each time your ad is clicked (the reason it’s called Pay-Per-Click). Google’s PPC program is called Adwords, a robust platform that allows you to set up ad campaigns with ads you create to target specific keywords you want to be found for. How much you pay-per-each click is determined by many factors, mainly the level of competition of that particular keyword.

Why PPC is Often Overlooked

PPC is often overlooked because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes the main focus in most Internet Marketing campaigns… and though SEO is a must for any successful long term Internet Marketing Campaign, it DOES take time and there are no guarantees. However, PPC generates immediate traffic, and should be looked at as a supplement to your Internet Marketing campaign. If done correctly, you will be gaining positive ROI by generating more revenue from your PPC efforts than what you are spending on clicks. This can happen right away and as long as you are paying for those clicks, your ads will keep performing. So you shouldn’t be comparing SEO to PPC and choosing one or the other, you should be taking advantage of both to maximize your presence on search engines, which results in more business through your website. PPC can be an integral part of any campaign or in some cases the main focus depending on the industry you are in.

Do I need to run a PPC campaign?

While Search Engine Optimization is a highly recommended Internet marketing practice because you are not paying for every click your website receives, we know that PPC is beneficial because of the immediate results it provides in terms of online exposure. And if you can find that proper balance between SEO and PPC, you will drastically improve your marketing. Of course that is easier said than done.

Difference Between PPC vs. Organic Search

difference between ppc organic seo

*PPC in Red, Organic in Blue. Hollywood Dentist is a client of ours.

Organic search results TAKE TIME. It’s not immediate, and in most competitive spaces can take more than months or years to start seeing quality organic traffic. This is where PPC comes into the equation: it offers immediate results – at the cost of paying Google for every click you receive. Another plus is you have full control, you can raise or drop your click budget, you can revise ads at any time, and there are a broad range of options and settings that allow you to make tweaks that can improve your results. What PPC does is effectively kick-start your online marketing campaign while you work towards improving your traffic through organic search results on a month-to-month basis. SEO requires ongoing work and results are earned over time, though it takes much longer it is often seen as a better long-term investment.

Do I still need PPC if my website is SEO optimized and is already generating high organic traffic?

This depends on how much business you seek, of course the more the merrier correct? So our answer will be yes, you should still consider PPC. The reason is because PPC offers a perk not found anywhere else. In an SEO campaign, there will always be keywords that you are putting your efforts into, which may never generate traffic for you. There will also be many keywords you would like to rank highly for, but cannot. In comes PPC. PPC can be used to generate immediate results for those keywords that you are not organically ranking for, if you have the budget!

Doing PPC right requires time, effort and skill.

If it was as easy as setting a budget and writing an ad, and in pours the traffic, then everyone would be doing it. This is not the reality. The basics of a successful PPC campaign include:

  • properly configure initial set-up including location settings, ad and bid budgets
  • specific ad and keyword grouping, including individual keyword bidding
  • a relative, quality landing page that your ads land on – this page has to sell the initial interest you generated when someone clicked your ad
  • conversion tracking set up and constant management of the account to improve ROI – measuring results is a must

There is a lot more that goes into properly creating and running a successful PPC campaign but in conclusion, the combination of a long-term SEO strategy combined with a PPC campaign creates a strong faucet of leads that your business may be yearning for! Don’t know where to start, or have no time to manage your own PPC campaign? Let us help. Call us @ 818-990-9843 and we’ll give you a FREE 30-minute PPC consultation.

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