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Video Testimonial

No Editing, No Filter, Dr. K sent this unsolicited video to us as a simple thank you!
Client Case Study - Dr. K

The Challenge

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Alireza Khosroabadi (Dr. K) was receiving minimal low quality web inquiries from his previous outdated websites. Initially he outsourced his Web Design & Internet Marketing and saw no return on his investment. He ended up not only losing money, but also valuable time.

Dr. K soon realized you get what you pay for, and decided that quality and marketing know-how was the correct approach.

That mindset led him to Infinite Communications, who was retained to develop a comprehensive strategy to increase the amount of inquires he received for his websites.

The Solution & Results
Infinite Communications created 5 expansive websites for his specialties which included on-page optimization for search engine queries.

These websites now are resulting in dozens of quality leads per month that are actually turning into new surgeries for Dr K. Infinite also expanded his communications efforts offline by developing in-office and outbound marketing material.

To enhance his reputation and build up his brand, Infinite worked with a renowned communications & PR specialist to successfully gain placement on the nationally syndicated The Doctors show, as well as NBC, Fox News, CBS, KCAL 9, and The San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

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