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7 Marketing Statistics Every Manufacturer Should Know

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A few weeks ago I was invited by the CMTC – California’s trusted resources for a thriving manufacturing industry – to present on topics related to website design and Internet marketing. Infinite Communications and CMTC have partnered together to educate business owners within the industry on the ideas and strategies to ensure they stay “ahead of the pack” in these fast-changing times.

Below are some startling statistics I shared with the group of over 30 advisors, consultants and team members who service manufacturing clientele ranging from small mom-and-pop business to large corporations with hundreds of employees.


1. 56% of industrial professionals don’t contact a vendor until they compare & evaluate a vendors through a supplier’s website content.

People are no longer searching yellow pages or Thomas Net’s old directory, but instead are looking for information on your website. Is your website current with the latest information of your product & service offerings?

2. 83% of buyers review up to three pieces of content before making a decision on an industrial purchase over $1,000. 

In today’s information age, every prospect is looking to get better educated before they make a purchase. By creating more valuable content – text, white papers, blogs, videos, infographics, case studies, testimonials – to educate your target audience, you are tipping the scale in your favor. The best way to do so is to take an Integrated Internet Marketing approach.


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3. 84% of industrial professionals use the Internet to find components, equipment and services.

Virtually all of these industrial professionals are using search engines to look for such materials and services. Make sure your website is optimized with SEO Best Practices. And if you are currently hiring an SEO company, be sure to Know What You’re Paying For With SEO.


4. 70% of industrial professionals use search engines when comparing and evaluating potential suppliers.

Google,Yahoo and Bing are all search engines and are the first place prospects go when evaluating you and your competition. The manufacturing industry as a whole has yet to take full advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies, and the businesses who start to dominate search rankings will see an significant increase in new website traffic and new lead inquiries.


5. 78% of people watch videos online every week.

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. That is a clear indicator that people – including your prospects – want to consumer more video content.


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6. Manufacturing marketers cite video as their top content marketing tactic. 

Nowadays, a successful video marketing not only includes the creation of a highly engaging & informative video, but also the distribution of that video through multiple online platforms (ie. YouTube, Vimeo) to ensure it’s getting the most online reach.


7. Top 3 social media sites used by manufacturing marketers are Facebook (77%), YouTube (67%) and LinkedIn (61%). 

It’s important that manufacturing companies stay true to their unique value proposition, and utilize the proper social media channels to not only promote that message, but more importantly engage with your target audience.


How Can We Help You?

Our marketing firm, Infinite Communications, has been working with Manufacturing & Industrial companies for the last 8 years, helping them increase revenue through improved online communications, including: websites, search engine optimization and much more.  Please contact me at Kayvan@www.thisisinfinite.com or 818.990.9843 to learn about how we can help you.


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